Puertas Abiertas Fotos

This  is a small summary of the day we opened our doors to our friends and collaborators. We took them on a little experience. The inhabitants of Cangabarra, all seven of us joined forces to create a warm welcome to our guests. We started off with Carlotta´s delicious pica pica and soon after everyone arrived, we hit it off with an interactive shadow theatre show lead by Stefano, followed by a photography exhibition and an immersive tour of the house incorporating QR codes for an immediate Before and After experience by Natacha.

While all this is happening, a documentary screening is being projected on the entrance wall about the Project CanGabarra, filmed and made by the talented Alex and Carlotta themselves. After some vermouth, fresh lemonade, beers. snacks and homemade Italian delicacies, elegant bells began to softly chime  within the garden. Celso began distributing the bells around to all the guests in preparation for what is about to come next. Ushering everyone to the larger part of our garden, a stage had been set and spinning began. A delicate and hypnotizing duo dance between Celso and a very pregnant Francesca. An interactive circus act in its most poetic form.
And just when people thought the show was over, in came Jose walking through the crowd while balancing a table over his head. People roared with laughter at his incredibly silly and at the same time witty humour and act. It was an afternoon to be remembered and repeated in Cangabarra.

We were very pleased with our first public event and we are very grateful to the people who came to see us. We hope to open our doors to many more  activities, festivities and events soon. Stay informed through our Instagram and sign up to our emailing list.

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